Int. Customers

Our Diskuskeller suggestion for international Discuslovers

If you want to pick your Stendker Discus yourselves and enjoy a trip to the city of Hamburg, we have a plan:
You  book a flight with destination Hamburg Airport (HAM) and we pick  you up at your hotel or directly at the airport without charge and drive you to our facilities. We have 48 seperately filtered aquariums with over 1,000 Stendker Discusfish as far your eye can see.  Our shop is located approx. 35 km from Hamburg Airport. Once you are our guest, you can take your time and pick your favourite discus from over 1,000 in all Stendker colorshades and nearly all sizes!

Afterwards the Discus will be professionally packed and you can take them with you on the flight back. If you want to spend a few days in Hamburg we care for your picked Discus and you can collect them when you want to go back.

We´d love you to be our guest! Do not hesitate asking!

Maik Krause and the team of

P.S.: Natürlich bieten wir denselben Service auch für unsere deutschen Kunden, die per Flugzeug anreisen und z.B. aus Stuttgart, München oder Berlin zu uns kommen möchten, um sich Ihre neuen Diskusfische selbst auszusuchen!

Here you see a little video of our store: